A student at USC has put together ‘The Small Print Project,’ a collection of electronic contracts of adhesion, with commentary. The purpose of the project is:
” . . . to document experiences — both good and bad — presented by the millions of EULAs (End User Licensing Agreements) as they are both designed and encountered, knowingly or otherwise. This project will only last 8 weeks or so as an academic endeavor, however, this site is designed with the hopes of fostering discussion, suggestion, exposition and implementation of EULAs (electronic and otherwise) in an effort to help define, describe and mediate the nature of agreements in the digital age.”
and, perversely, to serve as a forms file. HT Boing Boing.
I’m reminded of the time I reviewed a contract with an inexpertly drafted cross-indemnification clause. As far as I could discern, in the event of dispute, each side paid the other side’s legal fees. True story.