Pfizer, maker of LISTERINE, sues Proctor & Gamble over claim that four out of five dentists would recommend CREST mouthwash, in the Southern District of NY.
UPDATE: From the complaint: P&G sent the Crest product to 344 dentists who were asked to use the product for one week. The dentists were paid $75 to participate in a survey. 269 dentists participated in a phone survey where they were asked “Based on your experience using this oral rinse, which of the following statements best describes your most likely recommendation of this oral rinse to your patients?” According to the complaint, P&G arrived at the 4 out of 5 number by combining those who responded that they ‘woud recommend’ the product with those who responded that they ‘would recommend only if their patients asked about it.’ Pfizer alleges that this hypothetical recommendation does not consitute proper substantiation that health professionals recommend the product in their actual practice.