Go to the Trademark Search site and look up serial number 78706886 for the mark KATRINA BLOWS, BUSH SUCKS. Go to TDR and look at the office action rejecting the mark on ‘sandalous and disparaging’ grounds.
Coupla points:
1. How come this application got an office action after two weeks, when every other application waits seven months?
2. Note the usual interesting interplay between free speech and section 2(a).
3. Is ‘sucks’ that scandalous and disparaging these days?
4. The thought of the applicant getting the President’s consent is, uh, funny.
5. Note the last name of the examining attorney.
UPDATE: It has been brought to our attention by a reader who apparently has too much time on his hands that this same examiner has rejected the application LIAR LIAR BUSH ON FIRE. Shouldn’t she recuse herself?
Hat tip: JW.