Bitter Greens Journal is a blog that describes itself as a ‘running critique on industrial agriculture . . .’ 

ROUNDUP READY is a brand of genetically engineered products sold by Monsanto that can tolerate its ROUNDUP herbicide. 

The blog chose the name ROUNDUP, READY, for a series of posts, stating that the name was chosen ‘in honor’ of Monsanto’s products.  The blog can generally said to be critical of Monsanto and its products.

Monsanto has protested the usage of ‘Roundup,  ready,’ as a post heading, indicating in part that:

1) You are using our trademark without our consent. This use of the term could cause your readers to think that your journal is in some way sponsored by Monsanto or that Monsanto supports the positions set out in your journal.

2) You are using our trademark in an incorrect manner (with a comma and in a way that genericizes the mark). This weakens our trademark rights.

Bitter Greens Journal’s response here.

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