A newspaper took a picture of a jockey during his victorious ride on  Funny Cide in the 2003 Kentucky Derby..  The photo showed a suspicious object in the jockey’s hand.  The paper showed the photo to race stewards who then questioned the jockey. The stewards heard him say “It’s a cue ring to call the outriders.”  Outriders are riders who lead racehorses on and off a track.  The stewards had never heard of a cue ring and suspected some sort of illegal device.  An investigation ensued.

Only the jockey, who speaks heavily accented English, apparently said, “It’s a Q-Ray (an ionized bracelet) to cure the arthritis.”  His wife had given him the bracelet for his arthritis.

A libel suit against the paper ensued.

Movie line free association: “Earn more sessions by sleaving.”