OK, it’s no longer trade secret information: With the help of the good people at Corante, a bunch of us (Bag and Baggage, Inter Alia, Ernie the Attorney and Dennis Kennedy, have started a new blog entitled Between Lawyers, which will be about lawyering.

We’ve started two threads so far, on corporate blogging policies and legal podcasting.  We hope to have various threads including:

1.  What is a virtual law firm – whether cyberspace proximity can override physical proximity as a defining attribute of a ‘law firm’

2.  The billable hour – how should a lawyer get paid as technology challenges the traditional attorney time model.

3.  Open source lawyering – how can lawyers who are not part of the same firm use the Internet to collaborate on legal projects?

4.  Productivity – Are all technology-induced productivity gains nullified by wasting time web surfing?

Between Lawyers will be susceptible to the Network Effect in that the more people who contribute, through comments and guest-blogging (see your host), the more useful the site will be.  So we’re counting on you.

BTW, the name is from Wayne’s World.

p.s. It’s great to be part of another RSS offerring on Bloglines.