This is not about trademark law, it’s about politics and the blogosphere.

To over-simplify, a thesis of the book “What Is the Matter With Kansas” is that blue-collar voters in this country are duped over and over again by the Republican party.  The candidates campaign on ‘values’ (this time around, gay marriage), but they govern on behalf of big business, whose interests are often adverse to blue-collar ‘values voters.’

The Senate has passed a bill on bankruptcy reform.  The bill has been described as a bill written for and by the credit card industry, and will increase the power of credit companies to collect debt, while reducing remedies to those in financial distress.

I have three questions:

1.  Is the characterization of the bill as pro-credit card company, anti-blue collar, an accurate one?

2.  Why has the blogosphere been fairly silent on this?  It’s precisely this type of issue where blogging lawyers can educate folk like me (I’ve seen this post and little else).

3.  Does this bill prove the ‘Kansas as Republican Dupe’ theory?

UPDATE:  Here’s a blog devoted to the Bankruptcy Bill.