Ziff-Davis article alleging that the new anti-spyware/adware tool distributed by Yahoo, does not identify Claria (Gator) or WhenU, implying that this may be due to Yahoo’s commercial relations with those companies. 

Claria and WhenU dispute that their products are ‘spyware’ (and Claria has litigated the point). For what it’s worth I note the following.

Last week I suddenly started receiving a blizzard of pop up ads (which I normally never receive because I use the Google pop up blocker).  I ran SpyBot and it revealed that WhenU was installed on my machine.  Now, because of my familiarity with viruses, browser highjackers, etc., I never download software. and did not knowingly download WhenU or any program for that matter that day or the days leading up to that day  More to the point, as a result of some matters I’ve handled, I am familiar with ‘drive by downloads’ and the like, and probably pay more attention to potentially-misleading dialog boxes, than does the average user. 

Be that as it may, WhenU was still installed on my PC against my wishes.  In my opinion, if I hit the ‘wrong’ key (and I’m not even sure I hit any button), I did so because of someone’s deception.