I began this blog May 17, 2002.  The most used search term to get here is ‘trademark.’  The second most used term is ‘jelly.’  The three most requested articles of all time involve the Miss Piggy Parody, Mecca Cola and the Jelly Kelly.  The most requested jpg files are of Miss Piggy, the fake Puma ad and the unusual G logo.  I think that about 1700 people visit the site each day, up from three the first day (me, Ernie the Attorney and Denise).  A really large theater or concert hall might sit 1700.

I was thinking while at INTA that it would be nice if other people (especially non-U.S. people) would begin blogs about trademarks so that there would multiple points of view and we could have debates and I could link to them on really busy days like today.