Parody fact pattern. Assume that this work does not originate with the owner of the trademarks and copyrights in Miss Piggy (I don’t know where it came from).  A non-infringing parody borrows from the work only to signify the work, and comments upon the work.  An infringing parody such as “The Cat Is Not In The Hat” borrows from one work to comment on a different subject.

What does this work comment upon and in whose style?

UPDATE:  The first two to hand in their bluebooks are TechLawAdvisor and The Importance Of . . .

MORE UPDATE:  Thanks to Instapundit and The Scripting News, this has now become the most-linked item I have ever run.  It should shortly pass the Jelly Kelly as the most viewed item.  It is also my first item that has been labeled “not work safe” (although the Gucci ad probably was less work safe as that woman wasn’t made of terry cloth).