So David Stein of Naiad Studios was sitting in front of the computer this week when:

“I had a friend forward the [Miss Piggy image] to me the other day, just thinking they were passing on a joke.  I just STARED at the screen, like that bad picture of you in a leisure suit from the 70’s that comes back to haunt you . . .

That piece is probably 10 years old now, I can’t recall the exact date I created it.  It did it both as a joke and as an example of using PhotoShop’s cloning tool to create “Celebrity Fake” image that was all the rage back then.  It was originally posted to a PhotoShop user’s newsgroup along with a step by step on the process.  We all had a chuckle over it.  It also reappeared on a Fake Nude newsgroup soon after that.

It’s funny that nothing ever vanishes from the Net.  It’s curious how it only now resurfaces in light of the “Tempest in a B Cup”.”

I had suspected that the image had been created prior to the Super Bowl, unlike this version of Miss Piggy, which features the nipple shield.

That’s it for nipples this week on the Trademark Blog.  As Homer said this week on the Simpsons “I’m confused, is this a happy ending or a sad ending” to which Marge replied “It’s an ending, that’s enough.”