NY Times article on Hermes, maker of the (starting at) $5000 Birkin bag, suing the importer of a $150 rubber bag that is referred to as a ‘satire,’ ‘amusement’ ‘fake rubber Birkin,’ ‘knock-off’ and ‘trade dress infringement’ in the article.  The rubber version is probably the more practical choice on a rainy day.  Hermes has a smaller bag known as the Kelly and the rubber ‘version’ is known as the Jelly Kelly.

Interesting tidbit:  According to the article, Hermes has a Kirkland and Ellis paralegal spending 10 to 20 hours a week scanning eBay for Hermes knock-offs.

Interesting tidbit #2:  Ebay is selling some Birkin Bags for $25,000 and some for $25.  Hmmm.

Interesting tidbit #3: If you put in BIRKIN BAG as a keyword on Google, the first sponsored link (just now) was an ad for eBay that had nothing to do with Birkin Bags (see here for context).