Denise Howell, who has bambinos on the brain, has BAMBIs there as well, wondering aloud the state of the BAMBI mark.

With regard to the AIRSTREAM BAMBI (pictured above), Airstream’s owner has a registration for BAMBI.  It also claims rights in the shape of the AIRSTREAM ‘silver bullet’.  A client of mine once depicted a model leaning against an Airstream Trailer in a fashion lay-out and got a demand letter.  So we got a chuckle out of that.

With regard to HUNTING FOR BAMBI, in which men allegedly paid to hunt naked women with paintball guns, I am relieved it turned out to be a hoax.

As for Disney’s Bambi, I note that this website streams in its entirety BAMBI MEETS GODZILLA.

Another Bambi: Bambi Bembenek, of ‘Run, Bambi, Run’ fame, whose life was depicted in a made-for-tv movie starring Tatum O’Neil.