A group of ICANN registrars have banded together to oppose Verisign’s proposed Wait Listing Service, a provess for selling places in line to wait for domain names to expire.  Thus Verisign could obtain revenue from lots and lots of people off the same name.  The StopWLS group moved today for a temporary restraining order against ICANN to stop implemenation of WLS.  Its press release did not indicate if Verisign was named in the suit.  A Canadian company sued ICANN about this yesterday.  Information on Stop WLS here.  Verisign’s original proposal for WLS here.  A company that would be affected by WLS here

An issue that I would rather ICANN spent its resources on here.

UPDATE:  Here is an Internet.com article on the lawsuit that contains a quote from an ICANN spokesperson that appears to be mistaken about the nature of the WLS, which mistake is elaborated upon here at ICANNWatch.