Thanks to the Blog reader who sent this item in.  Reeling from its recent setback in the Spike TV case, Viacom must now defend itself against allegations that its use of ODORAMA in connection with its new Rugrats movie  (scratch and sniff card depicted above right) infringes John Waters’ rights in the term.  He used it first in his 1981 comedy Polyester (scratch and sniff card depicted above left).  The director of the Rugrats movie has stated, probably without advice of counsel, that she was inspired by John Waters and meant the use of ODOROMA as an homage to him.  That reminds me of Tony Roberts’ line in ‘Stardust Memories:’ “Homage? We outright stole it.”  Disclaimer: that remark was not intended as subtle commentary on the merits of the matter. 

Polyester card image obtained from film gallery site here.