The Trademark Blog started a year ago today.  I sent in my renewal fee to Radio Userland yesterday.  Thanks guys for creating a great program.

In the past year:

-two people wrote me to warn that the Nigerian bank email was a scam;

-one person wrote to inform that contrary to what I had written, chutzpah is not a Native American Indian word;

-one person asked me if I could put him in touch with Jessica Lynch;

-two people asked if they could have Mecca Cola distributorships;

-many people came looking for picture of the Marriot Sisters and Ben Aflac.  Many more came because both they and I had mis-spelled it as “Help, I’m a Celebrity . . .” (sic).

-monthly traffic increased more than 400%.

Over a thousand people (impossible to estimate anymore due to aggregators) are reading every day about a field of law once described by the New York Times as “an arcane sub-specialty.”  Not even a specialty.

Special thanks to Ernie and Denise for encouragement and those critical early links.  Thanks to Bret for inspiring me and allocating to me the name.  Thanks to Nathan for writing those great tools.