Bret writes to tell us of:  Capp Enterprises v. Disney, CV03-3357 GAF, filed yesterday in Los Angeles, regarding Disney’s use of Capp’s registered SADIE HAWKINS DAY trademark in the upcoming May 17 episode of Disney’s ‘Lizzie McGuire’ show.

In the Al Capp comic strip L’il Abner, Sadie Hawkins (pictured left) was so ugly, her father, the mayor of Dogpatch, ordered that November 13 be Sadie Hawkins Day.  Every man in Dogpatch  was given a 10 minutes running start, and Sadie could marry the man she caught.  Sadie Hawkins Day dances, where women asked the men to dance, became all the rage.

Other contributions to American culture from L’il Abner include the Shmoo, Fearless Fosdick, and Joe Btfsplk, who always has a cloud hanging over him.