Several readers pointed me to this article indicating that Sony has ‘registered’ the term SHOCK AND AWE in the U.S. for video games.  I did not see Sony’s name among the 15 applications for SHOCK AND AWE or SHOCK & AWE that the U.S. trademark database here shows as having been filed since March 20.  It’s not possible to say whether any of the listed applicants were working as agents for others.  One applicant, Trademarks, Etc., is in the business of filing trademark applications for others.  One applicant appears to have crammed goods and services from approximately 20 classes into his single class filing, and will likely receive an office action requesting an additional $7000 in filing fees.

As for a SHOCK AND AWE video game, well, to quote Donald Rumsfeld, this is not a game.  I think these filings are in poor taste and disrespectful to the families of those who lost lives in this conflict.