First there were the unauthorized PUMA ads (background here, here and at this point, everywhere).  Now we have ads disavowed by NOKIA and by VICTORIA’S SECRET.  Bear in mind that there are differences in degree to ad parodies.  There are ad parodies clearly presented as parodies (WACKY PACKS, for example).  There are parodies which ought to be understood as parodies, such as SIMPLY PORN).  There are parodies that ought to be understood as parodies but fool some of the people some of the time (MICHELOB OF.3d 769).  And then there are hoaxes of sufficient quality that, if coupled with a statement of authenticity, cause consternation to trademark owners (disclosure – I have responded to this letter on behalf of two websites).

And then there are conspiracy theories about viral marketing campaigns.  No comment.

Museum of Hoax Photo Gallery here.