Don’t know what to make of this.  NameProtect offers trademark policing and monitoring services.  I assume that in order to monitor usage of a trademark on the Internet, it must employ some type of spidering software (or ‘bot).  Little Green Footballs is a blog that writes on political issues.  It keeps track of ‘bots and in fact publishes an evil robot list.  It claims that it “caught” a NameProtect bot in a “bot trap.”  The post contains an interesting comment thread with many suspicious comments as to what the intruder was doing nosing around. 

Bot Traps were originally intended to defeat spammers and email scrapers.  I suppose they could be used against search engine and trademark monitoring bots as well, making both less effective.  I wonder if it is possible to build an “invisible web site,” which would be of interest to a variety of unsavory groups, including trademark counterfeiters.

Info on Isaac Asimov (author of I Robot and other robot novels) here.