Probably because Google is announcing a lot of new things at once (buying Pyra, content-targeted advertising, world domination, etc.), the usual Google buzz has turned into palpable Fear and Loathing of Google.  I apparently added a little momentum to the debate via Dave, with my comments regarding Googles “free ride” by selling paid advertising.

I want to be clear on the “free ride” issue (and I don’t want Google to be mad at me).  There are multiple instances of “free rides” on the Internet and in real life, and while sometimes the free ride rises to trademark or copyright infringement, or unfair competition or unjust enrichment, most of the time, few are actionable.

The example I utilized – comparing a Google search for TRADEMARK  to a Google search for TRADEMARK BLOG -illustrate the ambiguities of the situation.  In the first case the searcher (presumably) only knows the subject of the resource he/she desires.