Two years ago today I began a project for and that was the first billed minute of my own practice after I left the mother firm.  A couple of days later Fred at Richemont sent over an assignment.  Jane at Bird and Bird was another early supporter.

Today Schwimmerlegal has over 2000 lawyers and annual billings of over US$1.4 billion.  It is the sole tenant in the 80 story office tower looming over Bayberry Drive in Mt. Pleasant, NY.  And we still provide the best value in copyright, trademark and domain name law.

I would like to thank Nathan the IT department, Anna the everything else department, and my virtual firm of Nadia and Aaron.  Blog thanks to Ernie and Bret.  And a special thank you, I love you, etc. to Melinda.

OK, the third year begins, line forms to the right.