Do a Google News of Peter Pan Copyright and you will coverage like this of the lawsuit filed by owner of the Peter Pan copyright.  Peter Pan appeared in a series of works in the UK in 1904.  Determining when and if characters fall into the public domain can be complex (see this excellent resource for international copyright sources).

A famous UK solicitor sent me this link to Section 301 of the UKCopyright Designs and Patent Act of 1988 which appears to grant ETERNAL royalties to the Hospital for Sick Children (the author of Peter Pan assigned his rights to the Hospital in 1929).  It’s not a copyright extension, just eternal royalties for usages of the work.  The solicitor explained to me that when the provision came up for discussion, no member of Parliament was prepared to stand up and say “no, I vote against giving money to the Hospital for Sick Children.”

I hear that Disney is considering buying the Hospital for Sick Children and using it as a holding company for its IP rights.  Just kidding.