This is DUCKHORN WINES, from Napa.  This is DUCK WALK Vineyards from Long Island, near my mother-in-law’s beach place. This is an article from today’s NY Times about Duckhorn protesting Duck Walk’s use of a Duck as a trademark.  Duckhorn filed an action alleging that the LI winery chose a duck to intentionally and maliciously trade on Duckhorn’s goodwill (according to the Times article). This is the website of the Long Island Ducks, a minor league baseball team.  Here is a webpage for DUCK AND DECANTER which owns a federal registration for that mark covering among other things, wines.  Here is a webpage for another wine named DUCK POND CELLARS.  Here is the Long Island Duck, a duck shaped building in Flanders, LI.  Here is a recipe for Duck in Wine sauce.