NY Times article on the practice of some legitimate companies (such as Microsoft) advertising their wares on P2P networks such as KaZaA, seeking to turn hackers into customers, in the article’s words

Anti-rhetoric rant: someone who is opposed to P2P networks is upset by this attempt to legitimize P2P networks and states:

“At a time when the public is especially hungry for good corporate citizens,” said Carey Sherman, a lawyer for the Recording Industry Association of America, “it’s surprising that any legitimate interest would consider giving financial support to a pirate service like KaZaA that illegally traffics in the copyrighted works of others.”

Well, maybe advertising on KaZaA (but see here) is a bad idea but I think that P2P networks are a good thing (when not used by the forces of evil) and let’s not link them in some illogical way to the likes of Ebbers, Kozlowski and Fastow.