The new and improved DOMAIN DOSSIER (permalink on the left side of the
Trademark Blog home page) is four domain name tools in one.

First, enter a string and it provides a Whois for all five major TLDs (comnetorgbizinfo).

Second, it provides a link to an active website for that name, if one exists.

Thirdly, it tells you whether there is configured email for that name.  This is important, because many trademark owners when investigating a domain name, don’t see a website and conclude that a name is being warehoused.  The name may in fact be in use for email.

Fourth, as a bonus, it porovides the top 5 Google hits for that string.

Give it a test-run.  Famous trademarks provide an interesting tet, as do commonly used sexual expressions.  It’s querying several sources at once, so the search takes about a minute.

I would call this tool the Swiss Army Whois but I would get demand letters from Wenger, Victorinox and the Swiss Army itself.  For now we’re calling it the Domain Dossier.