I am the guy you met in Scottsdale and this is the website I told you to check out.

Catching up on trademark news from last week, the November 13 New York Times reports that UBS has retired the WARBURG and PAINEWEBBER brands (Thank you PaineWebber, now get out). Thursday’s Wall Street Journal has an interesting profile on SUAVE shampoo, referring to its conscious effort to refer to competitors’ trademarks and trade-dress (including colors of bottles). For example, my household has a bottle of SUAVE Professionals Humectant, which states conspicuously on its label that it “Nourishes hair as well as NEXXUS Therappe.” Finally, I ran across the Perfume Detective in Yonkers, New York. They will help you locate discontinued perfumery brands (a service useful to both ardent fans and trademark litigators).