So my crack IT department (Nathan) ran a web server statistics report and we learned the following:

The five most popular Trademark Blog items ever were:


2. Baltimore Ravens / Stupid Nigerian scam joke

3. The Marriot Sisters

4. The Trademark Ramifications of Spoofing

5.  China Re-directing Google

The term most often used to get here is TRADEMARK.  The second most popular term was MARRIOT SISTERS.  I am under no illusions on that point – those were people less interested in appellations of origin than of pictures of skinny women wearing panties.  I am sorry to disappoint that audience but I will not run salacious material until necessary.

Other common terms used to get here include BEN EDELMANAFLAC DUCK and ALBURQUERQUE ISOTOPES.

There were no discernable differences in traffic levels by day of the week or hour of the day.  This suggests that the audience is some mixture of international, insomniac and robotic.

Finally, Metasearch 2.0 is a hit.  Extrapolating the past two weeks of growth, two years from now every man, woman and child on the planet will conduct three free international trademark searches a day.