This is Ebay

This is eGray, a site which comments on Californa Governor Gray Davis and California politics. 

This is Dr. Seuss Enterprises v. Penguin, the “Cat Is Not In The Hat” decision, in which the author mimicked Dr. Seuss’ literary and artistic style to comment on the O.J. Simpson case.  Defendantwas NOT entitled to the parody defense because it did not parody or comment upon Dr. Seuss, but merely appropriated the intellectual property of Dr. Seuss’ estate, to comment upon something else.  

This is a commercial in which Ralph Nader mimics MasterCard’s “Priceless” advertising campaign in his race for President in 2000. This is a account of the denial of Mastercard’s motion for a TRO against Nader, in which the judge accepts the argument that the ad was a parody of Mastercard (as well as a comment on campaign financing.)

The LA Times reports that Ebay has protested eGray’s use of the Ebay name and graphics (subscription site, so no links).