AFLAC is of the view that a white duck quacking functions as its trademark.  While annoying, the AFLAC duck is a big success and does good works.  Via AP, we learn that AFLAC has protested the use of a white duck quacking on a website at promoting the candidate opposing Governor Taft of Ohio.

Here is an animation featuring Osama Bin Laden and the AFLAC duck

Here is a letter to AFLAC from an animal rights group named the United Poultry Concern protesting AFLAC’s treatment of ducks in its commercials.  I think that this letter is legitimate, but I can’t tell for sure.

Here is a link to my Sept. 6 blurb with links to relevant cases on the use of trademarks in political speech.

p.s.  I would provide links to, but the homepage keeps crashing my browser today.