This is reportedly an email from Hilary Rosen of the RIAA to executives at Yahoo, Real Networks, AOL, and Universal Studios.  It asks their assistance in combatting piracy on P2P networks. Ms. Rosen indicates that new legitimate subscription offerings are imminent (that’s good news).  One paragraph caught my attention:

“We need to discuss:

1. Spoofing and/or interdiction methods for existing peer to peers – (perhaps by adding promotional messages about the launch of various new systems)”

I don’t know  precisely what methods are beig referred to.  Copyright holders should police their rights to the limits of the law, and advertising on these networks makes fantastic sense.  However, aspects of spoofing troubles me for various reasons.  And the image of the college student who thought he or she was getting the latest CD for free and instead gets a discount coupon for a subscription service – that’s just funny.