[This is the 1 second delay dubbed English version of the original blurb in Japanese].  This via Politech.  Toho, owner of the GODZILLA mark, has sent a demand letter to Dave Linabury, who maintains the  DAVEZILLA humor website.  I repeat my advice from a prior post (so profound that it was repeated on Instapundit), that you should not send a demand letter you would not want to see re-posted on a website (or second-guessed by the likes of me).   I wonder if incidents such as this actually increase the number of third-party usages of the mark.

But what is a mutated giant lizard to do when its name is this famous?  There is a difference between a usage which turns your trademark into a household word, and a usage which turns it into a household name (which is dilution, and is commercial death of the brand).  The trick is to figure which situation you have and pitch the letter accordingly. 

The title of this blurb, by the way, is from one of the comments Declan received when he posted the letter, and now you get the inside joke.

UPDATE: As would be expected, many are commenting on the Zilla-ness.

MORE UPDATE: PR issue escalates.