Ben Edelman (a Harvard senior!!) has released another behaviorial report, this time on .name, available at  He came up with 6000 names that violated the eligibility rules, such as, well, and  GNR, the .name registry, receives approximately $11 for each registration, valid or not. 

The State of the Domain Name report released this weekend at (sic) which estimates that GNR has registered approximately 75,000 names to date.  I suspect that GNR has spent at least $800k to date  (on great give-away bags at the Montevideo reception, for example). 

Taking into consideration these 6000 names and then the cyberpiracies (I have a matter against a guy who took about a hundred famous names) and other ineligible names, we are talking about maybe 10-15% of GNR’s revenues.  One conclusion is possible: If a registry or registrar were to strictly enforce its own rules, it would put itself out of business.

Remember the reason NSI gave for not enforcing the .org charter?  It didn’t want to punish the registrants who were telling the truth.  Also, there was the $70 a name.

UPDATE – June 7 – GNR has posted a response on