Inherent Registrability

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Invesco Ltd., the Atlanta-based investment management company, has been sued by a Boston-based trust claiming infringement of its trademarks for exchange- traded funds.
Select Sector SPDR Trust said Invesco began marketing its PowerShares funds using the same XL ticker symbols SPDR has been using, in a complaint filed today in U.S. District

NYSE owns a registration in THE OPENING BELL. It had to provide evidence of secondary meaning but it got it through.
Goods and Services IC 036. US 100 101 102. G & S: operation of a securities exchange.
FIRST USE: 19030000. FIRST USE IN COMMERCE: 19030000
Serial Number 76222948

Plaintiff uses the mark UTAH LIGHTHOUSE in connection with goods and services that critque Mormonism. There has been extensive history between plaintiff and the LDS faith. Defendant FAIR responds to such critiques, and created a parody website that was similar in appearance to that of Plaintiff. Defendant used domain names such as UTAHLIGHTOUSE.COM to direct