There is a website named Upstate Belle Empire and it advertises that it’s ‘spent years searching the marketplace for True (sic) designer brands at huge discounts.” It displays logos such as these:
ubc brands.jpg
One item advertised today are these Coach Rainboots:
coach rain boots ubc.jpg
. . .which Coach says is a counterfeit.
This last bit on the UBE home

This is a complaint Philip Morris brought against six grocery stores and ten John Does, for selling counterfeit cigarettes. What’s interesting is how the Court will handle the joinder of these defendants – I did not see allegations in the complaint of any sort of connection between them (apart from the allegation that they all

A John Doe complaint filed by LiveNation, licensee for Jay Z, in anticipation of a Jay Z concert in Massachusetts.
UPDATE: In the comment below a reader asks: Does the law really permit the filing of such a speculative case, against unknown persons for conjectural future alleged infringement?
And the answer is: the law permits The Knockoff Report

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