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Lifeguard Licensing sues Ralph Lauren for use of LIFEGUARD mark on apparel.
Bonus trivia: Name the band that sang:
Hardly any clothes (lifeguard)
Sand between my toes (lifeguard)
White stuff on my nose
And what was the only station to play that song? 92.7 WLIR. You’d put the Milky Way bars in the freezer the night before. You had to get to Jones Beach before 10 or you’d be stuck in traffic (this would be before you knew someone with a Fire Island share). You’d listen to WLIR play The Waitresses (or Soft Cell). Sunscreen came in SPFs 2 through 8. You left the beach by 2, or you’d be stuck in traffic. Then that night you’d go to The City, perhaps to hear The Waitresses at CBGB (or back to Jones Beach to hear a concert or one of those concerts on the pier in The City). And you could have three slices of pizza at 1 AM.
Complaint Lifeguard