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A Search-Costs Theory of Limiting Doctrines in Trademark Law
By Stacey L. Dogan and Mark A. Lemley
The Trademark Dilution Revision Act of 2006: Balanced Protection for Famous Brands
By Scot A. Duvall
Literal Falsity by Necessary Implication: Presuming Deception Without Evidence in Lanham Act False Advertising Cases
By Richard J. Leighton
Sophistication and the Sciences
By Jerre B. Swann, Sr.
Patents Compared to Trademarks: The Duty of Candor/The Avoidance of Fraud
By Tamsen Valoir and Professor David Hricik
Phoenix of Broward, Inc. v. McDonald’s Corporation: Judicious Application of the Doctrine of Prudential Standing, or Unjustified Abstention from the Proper Exercise of Jurisdiction?
By Griffith B. Price, Jr.
Are Identical Marks in the Same Field of Services Likely to Be Confused? Omicron Capital, LLC v. Omicron Capital, LLC
By Heather L. Jensen
An Introduction to the New Trademark Trial and Appeal Board Rules
By James R. Robinson and Kathleen E. McCarthy
Amicus Brief of the International Trademark Association in adidas AG and adidas Benelux BV v Marca Mode, C&A Nederlanden, H&M Hennes & Mauritz Nederlands BV and Vendex KBB Nederlanden BV
By Alan Drewsen
Dedication – Richard Taylor
By Mary McGrane