Get CLE Credits! See me twirl plates on sticks while humming “Saber Dance” by Khachaturian! From the NY Law School website:
On November 2, 2007, the Amateur Hour Conference ( will convene leaders in business, law and technology to address the opportunities and challenges of user-generated creativity to traditional media, entertainment law, and business.
From television (YouTube and Revver) to advertising (Craigslist and consumer-made TV ads) to movies (Machinima) to photography (Flickr and iStockPhoto) to news (blogs and citizen journalism), technology is enabling amateurs to produce and distribute high-quality product that people want to watch, read, consume, buy, and re-use. Media and entertainment businesses are faced with a range of business, legal and management issues that are both new and challenging. This conference seeks to bring together all the players in this new media environment to discuss the future of user generated content and existing media businesses.
Among the questions that will be explored at this year’s conference are:
What are the innovative legal arrangements that can be deployed to channel amateur production and distribution for success and profit?
What are the legal risks in giving your output to people who are not under your control?
What new business models enable traditional businesses and amateur contributors to collaborate?
How can new markets for participatory media be created capitalized upon?
What are the latest tools, technologies and online platforms to enable user-generated creativity and successful business?
Please join us at New York Law School for this first Amateur Hour Conference. By bringing together attendees from law, business and technology, the event promises to be educational and entertaining. Participants will be eligible to earn CLE credit.