You can get trapped in the basement of a store for two hours when the place is being raided.
From NY One:
“Hours after breaking up an alleged counterfeit ring operating out of a Chinatown store, police were surprised to get a call late Tuesday afternoon from shoppers trapped inside the store’s basement.
Police say during a raid of a store on Centre Street Tuesday, the owners herded 12 shoppers into the basement and held them there for more than two hours.
“That’s outrageous – even for New York,” said one New Yorker.
Unaware of the customers trapped in the basement, police arrested five people on trademark counterfeiting charges and collected hundreds of knockoff bags, sunglasses and wallets.
About two hours later, the trapped shoppers contacted police on their cell phones and said the shop owners had herded them into the basement when officers first showed up and told them to wait. ”