Effective immediately, in addition to my ongoing role at the Schwimmer Mitchell Law Firm (“SML”), I will be Of Counsel to the New York law firm of Moses & Singer LLP (“M&S”). The Schwimmer Mitchell Law firm continues business as usual. And to answer a question several of you have asked, yes, the Trademark Blog will continue, unchanged.
The new relationship will create exciting opportunities for SML clients. Moses & Singer has an active, nationally recognized transactional, litigation and counseling practice in the fields of entertainment and intellectual property law. The firm has long been a key advisor to companies of all sizes and individuals in a variety of industries including television and motion picture; book, periodical and music publishing; recording; electronic media; and the performing arts. My affiliation with M&S will enable me to introduce clients who need such services to a group of experienced, respected and highly responsive lawyers in other practice areas outside the scope of my current practice, including major intellectual property litigation in the copyright and patent areas.
I should point out that any opinions expressed in the Blog are either my own or stolen without attribution, and are not the opinions of Moses and Singer.