NME: ‘Hendrx Family Sues Vodka Brand“:
“The family of Jimi Hendrix have filed a lawsuit over the use of his name in association with a brand of vodka.
Seattle businessman Craig Dieffenbach is marketing the brand, called Hendrix Electric Vodka, which is packaged in a purple bottle and features Jimi Hendrix’ face and signature.
Dieffenbach is defending his right to use the likeness, as a 2005 court ruling decided that the Experience Hendrix owns the right just to his music, and not his name and image. ”
I looked at the PTO registry and there seem to be a boatload of registrations and applications for the JIMI HENDRIX signature in the name of Experience Hendrix. However there is a cryptic reference in Wikipedia that Al Hendrix, Jimi’s father, donated Jimi’s ‘likeness’ to the James Hendrix Foundation, not to Experience Hendrix. A right of publicity can be a descendable asset. So there may be some confusion. If you’re aware of the 2005 court ruling referred to, send it on in.
True story: I was playing ‘Bold as Love’ in my office when my legal assistant comes in and says ‘oh, someone did a cover of the John Mayer song?’
BUT TO BE FAIR: I don’t really know how Emo punk is different from regular punk.