This is only the second time I’ve used the word ‘chutzpah’ in 5 years of blogging, but, if the facts are as they appear, the use is justified.
Voicing an apparently widespread belief, comic Joe Rogan accused Carlos Mencia of stealing jokes. Rogan showed up at Mencia’s act at the Comedy Store, and films a confrontation in which he accuses Mencia of plagiarism. Rogan uploads the video to YouTube. Mencia then uses the DMCA to remove the video that accuses him of plagiarism.
Rogan’s website and Google Video still show the video.
UPDATE: A reader writes to advise that Rogan was onstage, made a remark about Mencia, then Mencia took the stage. More from Rogan about the protection of stand up comedy material, or lack thereof, here.