The thing on the right side of the template (RSS users – you have to go the html version to see this) is called a CELLBLOCK ™ graphic viewer (disclosure – it’s created by my client, Gloto). The cool thing is that anyone can add an image by simply attaching a JPG or PNG file to an email and sending it to TRADEMARKS at CELLBLOCK dot COM. I monitor what gets sent before it’s uploaded, so no funny stuff.
At the bottom of the CELLBLOCK frame you will notice a control bar. The buttons on the bottom left allow you to advance to the next image. The slider in the middle allows you to advance the speed of the show. The button on the far right allows you to make the display go full screen – turning the CELLBLOCK into a screen saver.
So if I have left out your favorite logo, please email it to TRADEMARKS at CELLBLOCK dot COM. If you’re on the road see some particularly beautiful specimen of a trademark, snap a photo and email it from your cellphone.
If you want a CELLBLOCK of your own, go to CELLBLOCK.COM.