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The not always responsive answers to our question: ‘is there such a thing as an authorized tribute band (other than Beatlemania)?’ pour in.
Larry S. advises us of rasta metal band Dread Zeppelin, and points out that Robert Plant, at least, speaks favorably of them.
Eva R. advises us of a CTM registration for ABBA MANIA, which doesn’t appear to be owned by Abba.
Peter I. advises us of the PINK FLOYD EXPERIENCE, which is produced by a company also responsible for BJORN AGAIN, another Abba tribute. However we can’t find any indication that it is authorized by Pink Floyd.
Special Free Offer of Legal Advice: If you are a tribute band that will perform the music of XYZ, and you want to name yourself the XYZ Anything, without the authorization of the owner of the XYZ name, I will advise against it.