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Wall Street Journal: On MySpace, Millions of Users Make ‘Friends’ With Ads (Free online today only), on the practice of movie studios to create MySpace personal pages for fictional characters from their movies, such as Ricky Bobby of “Talledega Nights,” and John Tucker of “John Tucker Must Die.” Presently there are numerous MySpace pages for fictional characters, maintained by fans. In response to the John Tucker page, one MySpace user notes:
“It’s very coy. They’re being sneaky,” says Jesse Kozel, a 25-year-old from Florida, listed John Tucker as his friend without realizing the studio paid for the site. Mr. Kozel says he knew the site wasn’t run by the actor, but assumed it was one of the many hundreds of amateur sites created in honor of movie characters.

So he mistakenly concluded that the authorized site wasn’t authorized. False false endorsement?