There’s something of a holy grail regarding developing a good format for delivering news to the mobile user – for example, the commuter who may wish to read the morning headlines on his/her Treo.
One format is the ‘river of news‘ that provides a feed of headlines that flows along the screen like a, uh, river.
Dave Winer, who’s been instrumental in the development of blogging, RSS and podcasting, has been demonstrating a ‘river of news’ feed at NYTIMESRIVER.COM and BBCRIVER.COM. The demonstration is getting a lot of attention and was featured on Rocketboom yesterday.
Without commenting on Mr. Winer’s use of those names for his demonstration, I wonder if people might get it into their heads that registering a domain name in the form [media brand name]RIVER.COM might be a good idea.
It might therefore be worth the $7 were you to register your RSS name plus RIVER and -RIVER today.
Further discussion by ZD Net’s new hire, Denise Howell, here.