Well, in the Southern District Court of New York, we’re representing a clothing designer that is suing a discount retailer and manufacturer for copyright and trade dress infringement.
In the Eastern District Court of NY, we’re representing a games manufacturer against a competitor in an unfair competition and cybersquatting action.
Also in the EDNY, we’re defending a domain name registrar against a former domain name registrant, who has alleged a variety of putative torts and quasi contractual claims.
In the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board, we’re defending a manufacturer against claims by a standards organization that is administering a software standard conceived, developed and named by our client that the standards organization owns the mark.
Also in the TTAB, we’re defending a restaurant against a competitor’s claims that periods of nonuse by our client’s predecessor in interest consitute abandonment notwithstanding evidence of efforts to resum use.
We have several UDRPs going, representing trademark owners, famous and otherwise.
We have various and sundry matters on-going, including various enforcement activities, negotiation of trademark licenses, and opinion letters regarding the protection of unconventional trademarks.
Thanks for asking.