HELLS ANGELS is a registered trademark of the Hell’s Angels Motorcycle Club. CNNMoney is reporting that Hells Angels is suing Disney for use of the trademark in connection with an upcoming move ‘WILD HOGS.’
HOG is a trademark of Harley Davidson. I apologize in advance but I couldn’t find confirmation as to why Harley’s are known as HOGs. I dimly recall that it was a reference to the distinctive sound of a Harley engine (which, btw, Harley tried to register for protection), but that might be wrong. Also, the Harleys Owners Group came in 1983, years after the nickname had been coined.
UPDATE: HOG used to be a name for big fat motorcycles, then it became a trademark derived from Harley Owners Group. See Harley-Davidson v. Grottanelli dba Hog Farm, 164 F3d 806 (2d 1999). Thanks to Scott and Will.
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BONUS TRIVIA: Name a movie other than HARLEY DAVIDSON AND THE MARLBORO MAN that used a Harley trademark in the title. Hint: years later, the lead actor was accused of killing his wife.
Answer: ELECTRA GLIDE IN BLUE, starring Robert Blake.