PETA created a parody of the GIRLS GONE WILD video style to make a statement about milk. Girls dancing in bars raise their t-shirts to display udders. ABC refused to show it (as an aside, it’s interesting that PETA was prepared to spend $2.2 million).
The banned MILK GONE WILD commercial is available here. It’s work-safe, depednign on where you work.
This a great fact pattern, made greater by the fact that PETA is selling MILK GONE WILD merchandise (including the Cafe Press specialty, the thong).
Here’s an over-simplistic Cat Not In The Hat analysis: PETA borrows Girl Gone Wild’s style of expression to comment on a third party, the Milk Industry.
Here’s a quick ‘Priceless‘ analysis: PETA’s commercial comments on the ‘Girl Gone Wild’ ‘mind-set’ in addition to commenting on the Milk Industry.
Bonus issue: note the AIM running guy with udders used on the mikgonewild.com website.
Bonus bonus issue: Is the GIRLS GONE WILD mark famous and eligible for dilution protection?