From 43(B)log:
‘Plaintiff . . . makes aftermarket leather seat covers for many different kinds of cars . . . Defendant Nissan has an approved aftermarket leather program (ALP) for some Nissan models, allowing Nissan dealers to buy aftermarket leather from approved vendors for installation by the vendors.
In 2003, in response to new federal air bag safety standards, Nissan began installing an ‘advanced’ air bag in some cars. This air bag uses a pressure sensor in the seat to detect whether a child or an adult is in the front passenger seat and thus turns off the passenger-side air bag when a child is present. Nissan soon decided to exclude cars with the advanced air bag from its ALP, based on concerns that installation of aftermarket leather could cause an air bag malfunction, posing a safety hazard. Nissan didn’t conduct any tests to see whether this was true.”
43(b)log discussion as to whether Nissan’s bulletin to dealers constitutes ‘advertising’ for false advertising analysis here.